HIFD - General Information


Food and drinks are available at very reasonable prices from the bar in the IBM Clubhouse.  People must not bring their own food and drink to consume on the premises of the IBM Hursley Club, except during an event for which we have been given special permission by the Club's management committee. 

Dancers attending an HIFD evening at the IBM Hursley Clubhouse will be requested to fill out a membership registration form by the membership secretary.  Once this has been completed they may buy and consume alcoholic drinks (subject to normal licensing laws). At other times, people who are not members of the IBM Hursley Club must have their names entered in the Club's Visitors Book by an IBM Hursley Club member.  These members are reminded that they are required to carry their membership cards with them at all times while on Club premises.


Subscriptions can be paid annually or per evening. Annual subscription for IBM Hursley Club members: 5, for Guests: 32.  The evening charge is 3 (1.50 for children & students). New members who are IBM Hursley Club members may attend two evenings free of charge.

Payment for the first four attendances can be counted towards the subscription, after which the balance should be paid.  Please make cheques payable to 'IBM Hursley Club (HIFD)'. 

Members who have paid the full subscription will usually be entitled to a reduction when a charge is made for an event organised by HIFD.

HIFD Committee

Chairman  Ron Wilks
Secretary  Jean Wilks
Treasurer  Jane Goode
Thursday Evening Organiser  Gloria Cox
Membership Secretary  Jean Wilks
Committee Members  Tony Cox
Eden Tripp-Baldery


IBM Hursley Club,
Hursley Park,
Hampshire SO21 2JN

Telephone: Winchester (01962) 815933